We need each other.  Whether it is over bacon and eggs, on the sidelines of a ball game, or in the seats of a Sunday School class, the men at Grace have opportunities to invest in each other over common interests, and the most common interest, a growing relationship in Christ.
Currently, men meet on Thursdays at 6:30am at Warrenton’s Burger King for Men’s Fraternity!

Thursdays at 6:30pm at Burger King

Each year in the fall the men are invited to a men’s retreat where they kick back and enjoy a great speaker, delicious food, time away.  Each month on the third Saturday they gather for an awesome breakfast at church and a time of prayer.  And each week on Thursday mornings men meet for prayer, and there are at times Sunday School classes offered to men specifically.  This year’s men’s retreat (entitled “Life”) was held on October 28th-29th with guest speaker Pastor Paul Wilson.


In a desire to connect often and authentically, there is often a Sunday School class offered to women.  Bible Study meets on Monday Nights and Tuesday Mornings, and every fall the women retreat at the Summit at Tievoli Hills in Clarksville, Missouri for weekend of fun, relaxation, are transformation.  This past year’s retreat was in September. Please consider joining the women of Grace as they seek to grow closer to the Lord and to one another.
Toes in the Water

Relaxation and Retreat go together.

A time of music and song prepare hearts before the speaker shares truth.

A time of music and song prepare hearts before the speaker shares truth.